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No chip nail color to be Gel-ous about!

We are happy to introduce the No Chip Manicure and Pedicure - the no chip nail color to be Gel-ous about!

Tons of celebrities and fashionistas are already in the know, and Eve is bringing you the latest craze to hit the mani/pedi scene.  As always, we went on a hunt to find the most natural and safest gel system possible because fashion trends are never a good reason to sacrifice health!  Using Bio Sculpture Gel — the healthier alternative — we’re offering the No Chip Manicure and the No Chip Pedicure at the amazing introductory price of only $39 and $55!

Bio Sculpture gel “strengthens, conditions and promotes the growth of natural nails while allowing weak, brittle nails to grow.  There is no inhaling of dust, vapor or smelly odors, and no excessive buffing before, during or after application.  Gel can quickly and safely be removed within 10-15 minutes” during an in salon soak off appointment ($15).

No Chip Manicures and Pedicures offer a service that lasts!  “Gel is applied thin and natural looking.  Strong and durable, yet flexible, Bio Sculpture Gel gives the nail the ability to bend without cracking or splintering.  It will not lift, chip, smudge, or wear away for weeks!  It dries instantly under a UV-A light.”  So, no more waiting for toes to dry before donning your strappy summer sandals or smudging your perfect polish digging for your metro card!

With over 40 gels for you to choose from (and the ability to custom blend!) you’re sure to find the perfect color.  Or, go clear for a natural look that protects your nails!

Call today to schedule your appointment!


Introductory Prices!!

No Chip Manicure — $39

No Chip Manicure Fill — $29

No Chip Pedicure — $55

No Chip Pedicure Fill — $45

Soak Off (hands or feet) — $15

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